Evidology will act as an integral part of your defence if and when you are the subject of a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office or a class action in the courts (GDPR Articles 82 and 83).

Custom by design
“Custom by design” so it is specific to your organisation but “enduring by default” so it tracks changes to your organisation and the GDPR.
Evidence based system
“Evidence based system” so it will provide the arguments you need to support your defence against a claim or data breach.
Reduces the cost of compliance
Significantly reduces the operational costs of compliance – the essential support system for a Data Protection Officer (DPO).
Ongoing assurance
Provides ongoing assurance to the Board on an organisations state of GDPR compliance – not just at a single point in time (i.e. month end or at the annual audit).
Multi Regulatory
Evidology is a Multi Regulatory compliance management system so it will support compliance to ISO standards and other Regulations – not just GDPR.